About us

We are an early-to-growth-stage venture capital fund that invests in high-potential companies focused on building the industrial future

Our Approach

Catalyzing industrial transformation

Historically, established industries that make and move products, shape our habitats and power our lives have been underinvested in – both by the industry itself and by the venture capital establishment. There is enormous potential to be unlocked with the right focus and attention. We are tackling that gap.

Investing in the industrial future

We invest in promising companies with technology and business model innovation to enable businesses to be more data-driven, agile, customer-centric and environmentally sustainable. We target a spectrum of established industries, from manufacturing, logistics and mobility to energy, infrastructure and construction.

Bringing the power
of expertise and scale

We offer an extensive global network and deep industry experience to help our portfolio companies accelerate growth and expand their impact to achieve long-term success. Through our relationship with Standard, we have access to leading global operators that can be great product test-beds where there is mutual value

Taking a long-term
and holistic approach

We bring a long-term view and provide portfolio companies, wherever they are in their growth cycle, with the capital they need to succeed. Our structure provides us with more tools than most venture firms. Standard and 40 North provide us with access to several pools of capital, which can be deployed to co-invest in our portfolio companies.